The following packages are tailored to run efficiently on the extremely reliable IBM System i (AS/400, iSeries) business computer system.

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Suite of Software Packages for the System i

iJungle is a collection of software packages that are integrated with iSafari's® web deployment framework and iConga's™ messaging capabilites.

Browser-Based Dynamic Web-Enablement System

iSafari's® System i-centric design leverages the existing System i programming skills within your organization for rapid deployment of web applications. System i developers work within their familiar RPG comfort zone rather than having to learn new and complex coding environments. This means you can build and manage advanced web applications with existing skills.

Messaging System

iConga™ is a native System i two way messaging system allowing capture, transmittal and remote response to System i messages from any email device (including email enabled cell phones.) Multiple System i message queues may be monitored simultaneously and independently with multiple recipient rollwait functionality.

*SYSOPR messages may be answered remotely without the need to dial-in to your System i. Explicit System i message type subset monitoring, message logging and user level security are inherent to this product. A separate product subsystem ensures application independence and availability.

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Contact Management System

100% web-based using the iSafari system! Access your contact & marketing information whether in the office, on the road, or at home!

A/R System

This system comes in browser-based and/or 5250 styles which can be easily tailored to fit your business needs.

G/L System

A robust affordable G/L system which can be easily tailored to fit your business needs.

ATGI Environmental System

This product allows multiple environments to be setup (ie. production, test, development) along with library lists, user defaults, user groups (users can belong to more than one group), menus, programs, program options, and omit/include security for all objects/options.

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